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Car Detection Systems

Monitor parking spaces in your car park with our car detection system. LED indicators will guide users to parking spots, and the management information dashboard will show real-time information on occupancy rate and parking duration.

Realtime data

Facilitate your visitors in easily finding a place to park their car, even the one that is easy to miss. This will eradicate the need for driving around the car park looking for the very last spot, indirectly helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Optional ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) makes it easy for people to find their car and to link the car parking management system to payment services.

Our car detection systems even supply real-time data on occupied and available parking spots is sent to LED-indicators, digital signs, or mobile apps. Other relevant data on occupancy rate, inflow and outflow, parking duration and more give insights into how people use the parking facility. Data reports serve as input for your municipal or organisational mobility policy.

For all types of parking

Car detection can be used to monitor and show available regular car parking spaces, but also reserved spaces, disabled parking spaces, and available charging stations for electric cars. To this end, we offer RGB LED-indicators per car or set of cars, and digital signs per floor, row, or other specified area.

Thinking about turning part of your car parking into a bicycle parking? Or do you have a mobility hub that combines parking for multiple modes of transport? We have the solution: our car detection and bicycle management systems can easily be combined.

Car Detection features

Accurate & reliable

Real-time data

Monitoring dashboard

Digital signs

RGB LED-Indicators

Online accessibility

Car Detection features

  • Accurate & reliable
  • Real-time data
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Digital signs
  • RGB LED-indicators
  • Online accessibility

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