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Bicycle Detection Systems

A combination of optical sensors and an advanced AI algorithm generate highly accurate detection of available bicycle parking spaces. This system monitors the status (available or occupied) of each individual bicycle space, indoor and outdoor.

Bicycle Detection

What is the purpose of bicycle detection? Our clients would agree that the main goal is two-fold: on the one hand it is to easily guide people to available spaces to park their bike and on the other to gather accurate bicycle parking data.

How is it done? Camera sensors create images of parked bicycles and unused spaces, and a specifically developed software algorithm analyses these images. The resulting data points can then be used in different ways.

Realtime data

Real-time data on occupied and available spaces is sent to digital signs, apps and the like. With this information, cyclists looking for a parking space can be facilitated in the same way that car drivers are. Other relevant data on occupancy rate, abandoned bicycles, inflow and outflow, parking duration and more provide insight and can be used to create reports to serve as input for bicycle mobility policy.

Whether you only have a dozen parking spaces available in a simple station bicycle hub or offer spaces for thousands of bicycles in an architectural masterpiece, our bicycle detection systems can be tailor-made to fit your size, design, and other needs.

Bicycle Detection features

99,9% Accuracy

Real-time data

Monitoring dashboard

GDPR Compliant

Data reports

Online accessibility

Bicycle Detection features

  • 99,9% accuracy
  • Real-time data
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • GDPR compliant
  • Data reports
  • Online accessibility

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