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Digital wayfinding

Find your way with our parking route information systems for cyclists and car drivers: everything from design to development & implementation of digital road signs and mobile apps.

Outdoor: Parking Route Information Systems

Let us help you design a parking route information system tailor-made to your city or campus to quickly guide people to the nearest parking facility where there are still available spaces. Available for cyclists, cars, or both.

The parking route information system consists of poles with two to four digital signs showing the name of the facility, an arrow to indicate the direction, and a LED matrix with the number of available spaces. Optionally, a full LED matrix sign can be included to the parking route information system to show additional information. The digital signs have a 4G data connection and can be partly powered by an optional solar panel.

Outdoor: Digital Entrance Signs

A parking route information system that shows exactly where the entrance to your bicycle parking facility is and how many spaces are available in the upper and lower tiers, for e-bikes, specialty bikes and more. Select our special entrance column to really make an impact.

The entrance sign can also be a full LED matrix sign, showing not only available spaces, but also opening hours, logo, and parking costs. All signs also available for car parking.

You have a choice of standard sized signs with or without backlight. Or let us design an entrance sign completely tailored to your needs and preferences.

Indoor: Digital Signs & LED indicators

Guide your visitors, employees, and other users to available parking spaces with custom-designed digital signs showing exactly how many spaces are still available and where. These indoor signs can be fitted with backlights to increase visibility and are available in several sizes and colours. Flexible mounting: the signs can be wall-mounted, hung from the ceiling or fixed directly to the ceiling.

Alternatively, multiple-coloured RGB LED indicators can show the level of occupancy per row or number of cars parking spaces. This parking route information system can also be used to show the type of parking space (e.g. reserved spaces). These indicators can be combined with the bicycle or car detection camera sensor. They can also be separately integrated in columns, glass panels or other designs.

Mobile Parking Apps

Offer your own mobile parking app and show users information on exactly if and where there is still space to park their bicycle or car, or import the data from the detection system into your own app.

You can also opt to combine all parking information for cars and bicycles into one mobile app. This way, you can facilitate first and last mile journeys to and from mobility hubs in your city. People know they can park their car or other vehicle and continue their commute on a bicycle and vice versa. All apps are web-based, so there will be no issues with app store restrictions and requirements.

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Nijmegen Mobile Parking App

The municipality commissioned LUMIGUIDE to develop a Mobile Parking App that offers users an overview of real-time availability of parking spaces in all available facilities for cars and bicycles.
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