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Nijmegen Mobile Parking App

The Dutch City of Nijmegen has several well-used parking facilities in and near the city centre. The municipality commissioned LUMIGUIDE to develop a Mobile Parking App that offers users an overview of real-time availability of parking spaces in all available facilities for cars and bicycles.


Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Project type

Mobile parking app


Municipality of Nijmegen


This project was finished in 2019


Nijmegen is a mid-sized Dutch city close to the border with Germany. As is the case in many cities, cars and bicycles abound in and around the city’s centre, all needing a place to park. There was no overview of all the available parking spaces, however, so in the worst-case scenario, people had to keep searching.

The challenge

Overview of parking spaces

Create a real-time overview of available parking spaces for all modalities

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce the number of cars having to drive around looking for a parking space

Less cars

Increase the number of people coming to the city centre by bicycle by showing the many sheltered parking options

Quick & cost-effective

Implement a cost-effective solution that can be deployed quickly

The solution

In cooperation with the city, LUMIGUIDE developed a web-based mobile app that shows all real-time available parking spaces for cars and bicycles. The app can be downloaded by users via scanning a QR-code that hangs in all the parking facilities. The parking data comes from LUMIGUIDE detection systems and other sources.

Important features


No need to invest in an expensive parking guidance system throughout the city


The web-app can be downloaded to all types of mobile phones, no need for app stores

Smooth wayfinding

The app shows the location of and route to the parking facilities scattered across the city

Realtime data

The app shows the most recent availability of parking spaces, so people know where to go

The impact

Cyclists are now on par with car drivers when it comes to access to information about availability of parking spaces


LUMIGUIDE has linked the data from 7 car parks and 6 bicycle parking facilities in Nijmegen to the mobile app creating an overview of almost all parking options


Users can make informed decisions on whether to go to the city centre by bike or by car, depending on the current availability of spaces


People can see from home which parking facilities are closed, saving them time and effort


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