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Amsterdam Stationsplein Underwater Bicycle Parking Facility

In January 2023, Amsterdam Central Station opened a new bicycle parking facility, which was not built on or underground, but under water. The facility offers around 7,000 bicycle parking spaces and is monitored by LUMIGUIDE’s bicycle detection system.


Amsterdam Underground Parking Facility

Project type

Underground Bicycle Parking Facility


Max Bögl, Municipality of Amsterdam


This project was finished in 2023


Amsterdam is known for many things, including the vast number of cyclists roaming the streets. All these people want to park their bicycle when they arrive at their destination, and that is exactly what they did: park everywhere.

Stationsplein, the first underwater bike parking in the world and housing some 7,000 bicycles, makes an end to the messy and overflowing bicycle parking facilities in front of Amsterdam Central Station. It’s tucked away out of sight beneath the canal and the pleasure boats directly opposite the train, tram, and metro station. Commissioned by Max Bögl and Municipality of Amsterdam, LUMIGUIDE supplied the bicycle detection system and LED indicators for this unique project.

The challenge

Less bikes on the street

Reduce the number of bicycles parked on street level outside of the official racks

Reduce carbon footprint

Increase the number of people coming to the central station by bicycle, reducing the total carbon footprint

Smooth bike-train journey

Making the combined bike-train journey as smooth as possible

Reliable data

Getting reliable data on the usage of the facility, hereby monitoring their ROI

The solution

After considering several options, the city chose to build a large-scale bicycle parking in the best spot available (under the canal) as the most effective way to address their challenges. LUMIGUIDE implemented a bicycle detection system with LED indicators showing available spaces. We also supplied a large entrance sign indicated the total number of available spaces.

The bicycle detection technology uses tailormade optic sensors that were specifically designed for this project and that integrate seamlessly with the ceiling. The smart software algorithm monitors bicycle parking spaces and communicates the availability status via red and green LED indicators integrated in the central columns in the facility. LUMIGUIDE cooperated closely with the architect and building company to create one of the best-looking parking facilities in the world!

Important features

Custom-made design

The camera sensor and LED indicator design were made to integrate seamlessly with the architecture


We used the smallest possible camera sensors

Smooth wayfinding

Red, orange and green LED indicators per row show availability of parking spaces

Realtime data

The municipality knows exactly how many bicycles are parked, and for how long

The impact

As the biggest bicycle parking facility in Amsterdam with around 7,000 parking spaces, the new Stationsplein has quickly become the replacement for parking in the street in the central station area


The facility itself has become an attraction as the first underwater bicycle parking facility in the world and fitted with the latest technology


Another facility, IJboulevard, at the other side of the station has also been equipped with the LUMIGUIDE bicycle detection system


LUMIGUIDE has linked the data from all bicycle detection systems in Amsterdam to their bicycle parking route information system, showing cyclists the way to available parking spaces throughout the city


The municipality now has realtime data on occupancy rate, parking duration and the way people use the facility to park, giving them input for their local parking policy.


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