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From tailor-made installations in the latest bicycle parking facilities housing 7000+ bicycles to retrofit small-scale parking near stations, and from HQ car parks to dedicated parking at hospitals and supermarkets: our project cases span the complete range of parking management solutions.

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Some of our projects

city of nijmegen wayfinding app

Nijmegen Mobile Parking App

The municipality commissioned LUMIGUIDE to develop a Mobile Parking App that offers users an overview of real-time availability of parking spaces in all available facilities for cars and bicycles.
utrecht city wayfinding signs

Utrecht Bicycle Parking Route Information System

Digital signs along the major bicycle routes show real-time information on location and availability of bike parking spaces in Utrecht.
amsterdam central station with bicycle parking

Amsterdam Stationsplein Underwater Bicycle Parking Facility

Amsterdam Central Station opened a new bicycle parking facility, which was not built on or underground, but under water.

Some of our clients


Local government

Gain access to the necessary data to support your parking policies

Public transport

Facilitate public transport users in their first and last mile


Promote a sustainable commute for your employees or students

Other industries

Incorporate the latest technology in your designs and plans