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Private sector

Parking management systems help employees and visitors alike find a parking spot for their car, bicycle, or other vehicle. Reserving parking spaces, monitoring parking duration, guiding people to the very last available spot, everything is possible.

Size does not matter

Whether you are a small-to-medium-sized company, or a large company or organisation, you will most likely have car parking facilities for your employees and visitors. A growing number of private parties also offer dedicated parking spaces for (non-standard) bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, and other sustainable modes of transportation.

Facilitate your visitors

What better way to facilitate the people working for you or your clients and other visitors than by actively guiding them to an available parking space? A car (and/or bicycle) detection system monitors parking spaces in real time, and digital signs show the location and number of available spaces per floor, section, or row. Alternatively, LED indicators can show availability by using red or green lights (or blue for disabled parking spaces). With a smart parking management system, you will also be able to know how people are using your facility, so you can anticipate adjustments.

Standardised or tailor-made for you

LUMIGUIDE will gladly support you to find the best solution for your organisation. We offer off-the-shelf systems, as well as tailor-made solutions. Both car detection and bicycle detection and combinations are possible. Please have a look at one of our case studies to see how we do that and wat the results were for our clients.

Want to know more about what we can do?

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Some of our clients



city of nijmegen wayfinding app

Nijmegen Mobile Parking App

The municipality commissioned LUMIGUIDE to develop a Mobile Parking App that offers users an overview of real-time availability of parking spaces in all available facilities for cars and bicycles.
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