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LUMIGUIDE offers innovative end-to-end solutions for parking management and wayfinding. From municipalities to public transport organisations, and from corporate head offices to universities, clients implement our systems to increase efficiency and collect real-time data on parking.

Local government

Cities big and small, all have their specific challenges when it comes to balancing mobility policy choices. Smart parking & guidance systems support them in these choices by facilitating parking for citizens and visitors and offering smart data on usage of facilities.

Public transport

Facilitating commuters in their first and last mile journeys, smart parking systems can help make the transition from one modality to the next easier, saving time and energy. At the same time, they provide public transport organisations with real-time data.

Private sector

Parking management systems help employees and visitors alike find a parking spot for their car, bicycle, or other vehicle. Reserving parking spaces, monitoring parking duration, guiding people to the very last available spot, everything is possible.


Are you an architect, engineering company or mobility advisor? From seamless integration in new designs to retrofit options for existing structures, our tailor-made parking & guidance solutions will suit your and your client’s needs.

Some of our clients



city of nijmegen wayfinding app

Nijmegen Mobile Parking App

The municipality commissioned LUMIGUIDE to develop a Mobile Parking App that offers users an overview of real-time availability of parking spaces in all available facilities for cars and bicycles.
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